Help Your Company Be More Engaged, More Resilient, and More Productive


“I believe that every dollar invested in employee well-being is worth at least ten dollars in productivity." 

- Robin Thurston, CEO at Helix, a consumer genomics company

The science is clear. When your people work stronger, your business gets stronger. 

The challenge is that today's environment can easily make your employees weaker. Today's environment encourages chronic multi-tasking, sedentary behavior, insufficient sleep, and poor eating habits- all of which can make your employees less engaged, less resilient, and less productive.

In today's 24/7, fast-paced world, your employees are also under more pressure than ever. This is especially true for the people at the top of your organization. One study by Harvard Medical School even found that over 95% of leaders felt at least somewhat burnt-out.

The good news? These challenging circumstances present an incredible opportunity for your company to stand out. When you help your employees feel and perform their best, you will find it easier to attract and retain great people, and you will outperform your competition. 


Bring Work Stronger into your company

Our proven solutions help your people be more engaged, more resilient, and more productive:

  • Work Stronger Keynotes and Webinars: Inspiring, interactive presentations that introduce your people to a stronger way to work.
  • Work Stronger Bulk Sales and Content Licensing- Books and online courses to help you build a stronger, higher-performing culture.
  • The Work Stronger Signature Program- An extensive professional development program that helps leaders take it to the next level. 

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About the author: Pete Leibman is a leadership consultant, author, and speaker who has been featured on Fox News, CBS Radio, and Before writing Work Stronger, Pete worked as an executive recruiter for Heidrick & Struggles, a leadership advisory firm who serves the majority of the Fortune 500.

About the book: Work Stronger provides a science-based approach for becoming more resilient and more productive. Your people will learn how to form stronger habits in four key areas (focus, exercise, sleep/renewal, and nutrition) that have a major impact on how they feel and perform. The book also includes insights from private interviews with more than 25 prominent leaders, including Chip Bergh (President and CEO at Levi Strauss & Co.), Dick Costolo (former CEO at Twitter), and Janine Allis (an investor on Shark Tank).

"Pete Leibman provides a powerful, step-by-step approach for maximizing your most valuable asset: your brain." - Daniel Johnston, MD, MPH, Co-Founder of BrainSpan, a brain health analytics company

Author Pete Leibman at work (left) and competing in a fitness challenge (right)


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