The Ultimate Course on How to Break Bad Habits, Make Good Habits Last, and Become Your Strongest Self.

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Would you like to be healthier, more confident, more focused, and more productive?

Hi, I'm Pete Leibman, the creator of and author of Work Stronger; Habits for More Energy, Less Stress, and Higher Performance at Work

One of my core beliefs is that each of us can be so much stronger than we realize: stronger physically, stronger mentally, and stronger psychologically.

If you want to get stronger, you don’t need more willpower, more time, or different genetics. You simply need stronger habits.

Your luck determines where you start. Your habits determine where you finish.

The Stronger Habits Course is my 6-week online course on how to break bad habits, make good habits last, and become your strongest self. You'll learn how to form stronger habits in four key areas (focus and productivity, sleep and mindfulness, exercise, and nutrition) that have a major impact on your health, your energy, and your performance.

Each week, for six straight weeks, you get access to a new module featuring step-by-step training content that is based on nearly two decades of experience and research. You'll also learn how to design your personalized action plan for taking action long after the course.

The course is available on-demand. You can go through it whenever and wherever is most convenient for you. When you register today, you also get 4 exclusive bonuses for free. These bonuses are yours to download and keep for life:

  • Free Bonus #1: Action Plan Worksheets. These bonus PDF's will help you take action throughout the course and in the months and years to follow. 
  • Free Bonus #2: The Stronger Nutrition Vault. This bonus report includes simple, delicious, energizing recipes, tips for easy meal prep (no cooking skills required), answers to common questions about nutrition, and science-based tips on how to fuel yourself for success (without following a rigid diet or forcing yourself to eat foods that you dislike). 
  • Free Bonus #3: The Stronger Exercise Vault. This bonus report includes powerful workout templates (adjustable for all fitness levels), progress tracking tools, answers to common exercise questions, and science-based tips on how to get the best workout results in the least amount of time. 
  • Free Bonus #4: The Work Stronger Day Planner. This peak productivity tool will help you get much more done in much less time- and with much less stress.

This course also includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee: Test it out, and if you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason, just tell us within 30 days for an easy, no hassle refund. AND, you can still keep any of the resources from the course that you already downloaded. You have no risk.

Why waste time and energy trying to figure out everything in this course on your own? In less than one hour a week, you could learn what has taken me two decades to research and discover. Click one of the buttons on this page to get started! 

Who is The Stronger Habits Course for? 

This course is not for everyone. It's not for you if:

  • You are looking for a quick fix. Please don’t sign up if you are looking for a magic bullet.
  • You are not interested in trying to improve your health, your well-being, and your performance right now.
  • You prefer to learn strictly through books or articles.

This course is for you if:

  • You can commit at least 1-2 hours each week into following this program and taking action on your own. You'll learn exactly what to do, what not to do, and how to make your change last.
  • You are busy and you want simple, science-based recommendations on how to break bad habits, make good habits last, and become your strongest self.
  • You want more structure, guidance, and support than a book or a blog can provide.

For less than $3 a day, this course could help you make the next year of your life (and every year after that) your strongest year ever. Click one of the buttons on this page to get started, and I’ll see you inside the course! 

Click here for 1 payment of $997 (save $200)
Click here for 3 payments of $399

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